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The Dewey Decimal Classification System was developed in order to make finding and classifying books within the library so much easier. Typically, there are hundreds of thousands of books within the library. And to make all of those books much easier to find. And to also make it easier for librarians to know where to place those books, the Dewey Decimal System was put in place. This kind of book organization system uses numbers from 000 to 999 to categorize the books into particular topics, so all of the shelves within most libraries have that kind of numbering.

As an online resource, this website also classifies websites and other kinds of educational resources on the web according to Dewey Decimal Classification System. The links that are hosted here are going to be easier for navigate for students and teachers because it makes it easier for them to find the information that they need. For example, if they are trying to find a website that is all about literature, students can just check out the literature web links on this website. They can find a wealth of information related to that particular topic because the links are organized in the 800 to 899 numbers. The same can also be said of many other web links that are found on this website.

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Using our website, students can also learn how to make use of the Dewey Decimal Classification system much easier as well. For example, with the help of our website, they are able to get more familiar with the different numbering systems that are used within libraries. And hopefully, through that kind of regular use of the numerical system of our website, students can also learn how to navigate through the organization of a real world library as well. You can think of our website as a form of a digital library, wherein students can find resources for information. Our website merely hosts links, but we do have certain articles that students and their teachers may find useful as well.

This website should be used as a form of a supplementary library. For example, any student trying to write some kind of research paper or do homework can make use of our links. This will mean that our website is best used in conjunction with doing research in a physical library as well. Physical books must always be used as primary sources along with digital sources. This will optimize and legitimize the kind of information that you receive. You can corroborate or back up the information that you read on our website through getting more sources from the library. So if you are using our web links to write about a certain topic, be sure to head on over to your nearest local library as well. You will also need other sources if you want to cite some kind of website.

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To use our website, you can just check out the different page sections. For example, any links that are related to history are probably in the 900 to 999 section of our website. You can manually search for the links that you need, but you could also try to search for links through the search engine. On the search engine, you can type in a word related to your topic, such as cooking. And it will give you results from our website which pertains to the subject that you are looking for. So instead, of browsing through each and every subject link, just use the search engine to find what you need much faster.

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Think of our website as a form of a digital library and librarian. We can help you find the other websites and links that you need to help you with your school work. And just like a public library all of the information that we have here is available for free. You will not need to pay a fee to get the links and resources that you need. Plus, just like any other library the links are sorted according to the Dewey Decimal Organizational System. This makes it easier for people to find the information that they need, without too much trouble.

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The websites that are linked here are external ones, so we do not take any responsibility for the content that is shared on them. However, we do completely screen all of the links that are shared on our website. This means that you can trust the information that we have. In order to make it easier for educators and students to get the information that they need from the web, all the websites that are linked are absolutely all about information and education.