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92 ALE

Alexander the Great

92 ARN
Arnold, Benedict
92 BRA Braille, Louis : His Legacy and Influence

92 BUC

Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker

92 CAR Carver, George Washington
92 CAR Carter, James Earl Jr.
92 CLI Clinton, William Jefferson: Presidential Center
92 COL Columbus, Christopher
92 DAR Darwin: From the American Museum of Natural History
92 EAR Amelia Earhart

92 EDI

Edison National Historic Site

92 EIN

Einstein, Albert

92 EIN

Einstein Revealed: From Nova Online

92 FOR
Ford, Henry

92 FRA

Frank, Anne

92 GUT The Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives

92 HAR

Hardy, Thomas

92 HAW

Hawking, Stephen: From PBS

92 HEM

Hemingway, Ernest: A Storyteller's Legacy

92 HOU

Houdini: From PBS

∫92 JEF
Thomas Jefferson
92 JEF Thomas Jefferson Online
92 JOB
Steve Jobs

92 KEN

A Biography of John F. Kennedy: The 35th President of the United States

92 KEN

John F. Kennedy

92 KEN JFK Library: The President's Desk
92 KEN Robert F. Kennedy
92 LIN Lincolniana at Brown
92 LIN Lincoln, Abraham
92 LIN Lindbergh, Charles A.
92 OBA Obama, Barack

92 TWA

Mark Twain

General Sites for Biographical Information

920 ACH
Achievers Gallery Individuals Who Have Shaped the 20th Century
920 AME American Women Through Time
920 BBC BBC History : Historic Figures
920 BIO Biographical Dictionary
920 BIO Biographies Female Heroes and Rulers

920 BIO

Biographies: From the InfoPlease

920 BIO

Biographies: From Multnomah County Library Homework Center.

920 BIO Biographies of the Scientists
920 BIO Biographies of Women in Mathematics

920 BIO


920 BIO

Biography: From Family Education Network

920 CON

Congressional Biographical Directory

920 ERI Eric Weisstein’s World of Scientific Biography

920 GRE

Great Writers and Poets

920 IMP Impressionist Painters

920 INV

Inventors: Spotligh Biography

920 LAT Latinas in History
920 LIT Literature Network: Author Index

920 MON

Monarchs of Britain

920 NAT

National Basketball Association

920 NAT

National Football League

920 NAT

National Hockey League Players

920 NAT

National Portrait Gallery: From the Smithsonian

920 POR

Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies

920 PRE

Presidents of the United States: From the Internet Public Library

920 PRE Presidents of the United States: Resource Guides
920 RUL Rulers: Heads of State and Governments
920 SCI Scientific Biography
920 WOM Women in History: Historical Figures

920 WOM

Women in World History

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