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551.57 About The Dust Bowl
551.57 Cost of Water Shortage: Civil Unrest, Mass Migration and Economic Collapse
551.57 Deforestation, Desertification, and the Drought in West Africa
551.57 Drought for Kids
551.57 DRBC - Drought Information for Kids
551.57 Drought Monitor
551.57 Drought Watch
551.57 Georgia Drought
551.57 A Global Shortage: From the Why Files
551.57 Horn of Africa Drought
551.57 NOAA Home Page - Drought Information Center
551.57 North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective
551.57 North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Counci
551.57 UN Warns World on Africa Drought: From the BBC
551.57 US Drought Monitor
551.57 U.S. Drought Portal
551.57 U.S. Southwest Drought Could Be Start of New Dust Bowl
551.57 Water Shortage a Global Problem : From the BBC
551.57 Water Shortages Will Leave World in Dire Straits : From USA Today
The World Water Council
551.57 World Water Crisis
551.57 The world's Water, 2006-2007: the Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources

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