Fine Arts

Fine Arts

When people are looking for topics such as paintings or sculpture within the library, then they should check out the fine arts category. This section of the Dewey Decimal System is numbered 700 to 799. So you can see these shelf numbers in the library when the books on them contain topics that are related to the fine arts. You can get more information about painters, art history, art movements and even musical theory if you check out this part of the library. In it, there are topics that are all about the world of fine arts.


Famous painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso are all found within this section of the library. Fine art is probably most represented by famous paintings. And there are also a lot of books that are written about this topic.


Musical theory is the study of the composition of music. Like many other fields of art, it is actually quite technical. And there are vast amounts of books and resources that are all about music theory and its related topics.


You probably know famous sculptures such as Michelangelo. And if you want to read more about sculptures such as him, you should be reading more about sculpting within this section of the library.


This refers to the art of buildings and construction. Aesthetics is just one of the major concerns whenever humans are building things. If people find a building beautiful then it is probably because of the work of an architect. Architecture is the study of how to build and design certain structures that please the human senses.


Photography is a fairly recent development in the world of fine arts. It did not emerge until a few hundred years ago when the technology for it was first developed. Photography does not only include still pictures but also includes moving pictures such as cinema and videography. So this means that the art of movies also falls within this category of the library as well.

Art history

The development of art has had a rich history. And academics and people that want to study the history of art, have got a formal branch of study for it. Art history is concerned with the various movements and historical trends in the world of culture and art. For example, art historians may study Renaissance painters or even writers.

People have been making art ever since they could learn to communicate with each other. And since so much art has been produced by humans, it is up to libraries to catalog all of the art that has made. Within libraries, the Dewey Decimal System is used for the topic of fine arts because there are so many different kinds of art-related topics. This means that you are going to find a lot of books, resources, and publications in this part of your library’s shelves.

A lot of art has been made and it is still going to continue to be made, so the library is your best option if you need to learn more about fine art.