Literature encompasses all sorts of written works, but that sort of definition is too broad and it does not accurately describe what literature means in the Dewey Decimal Classification System. In the library, books that are placed in the literature category often refer to written works that are explicitly written as an art form. So this means that works of fiction, plays, essays, and other kinds of written works are going to be put in this part of the library. And since most libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification System, the shelves that it will be placed on are the numbers 800 to 899. And within the literature category of the library, these are the topics that you can find.


This form of literature is probably one of the most recognizable ones. Books of fiction are usually called novels. And famous novel writers abound in almost every culture of the world. The library will probably have tens of thousands of novels that you can read


Poems are short works of literature that play with the structure and form of language. Poems often evoke imagery and feelings, when they are read by people. This form of literature is also very varied since there are a lot of poems that do not follow a set pattern.


Theater, such as play performances, needs a script. And you can find the script of many plays within the library as well. Scripts will contain all of the dialogue and scenes of the play that you are watching. So this means that if you want to study a theater performance more closely, then head over to this part of the library.


Even shorter works of the written word are considered literature. Essays are going to be placed within this part of the library as well. And essays are not strictly works of fiction, they can be about nonfiction topics as well. Ralph Waldo Emerson is just one the famous essayists that you can find in the library. There are a lot of great essay writers that you can explore when you go to the library.

Other forms of literature

The literature section of your library does not only contain written works in the English language. If for example, you are looking for French or even Japanese literature, you should be able to find it within your library’s literature section as well. Major written works from all of the famous authors can be found within that part of the library.

The study of fiction is usually also called literature. So if for example, you are someone that is going to study written works of art, then you should head on over to the literature section of the library. The library also makes it easy to search for a specific written work by an author, because most of the time it will be categorized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system. And as long as you are familiar with that method of organization, you should have no problem at all finding the book on literature.