Natural Sciences

Natural sciences

Within the Dewey Decimal Classification System, the topics and books that are about the natural sciences are placed in the 300 to 399 categories. You are going to get more information about all of the publications that are related to the Natural Sciences by heading to this part of any library.

The Natural Sciences refer to the fields of study that are concerned with the natural world. This branch of knowledge aims to study and explain all of the processes and natural phenomena that happen in the universe. So this means that certain subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, paleontology are all within this section of the library.


The study of the natural physical laws of the universe falls under this section of the library. This includes the study of energy, gravity, space, etc.


The field of Chemistry is concerned with studying the composition of matter. Everything in the universe is composed of chemicals. This means that you are going to find the components of the universe if you take a look at the chemistry section of your library.


This is the branch of science that is concerned all about the study of life. Fields within this branch of science include botany and zoology, which are about the study of plants and animals respectively. Biology is concerned with studying all of the organic phenomena that are happening in the world around us. While other fields of the natural sciences are more concerned about the inorganic substances around the world.


Geology refers to the study of rocks and other physical bodies on our planet. Rocks and dirt contain a lot of information. Through studying rock formations and compositions, geologists are able to tell the tectonic history and even age of certain rock formations. Geologists do not just study solid rock, they also study everything that is related to the Earth’s natural processes, such as volcanoes and hot springs as well.


This is the field of science which is concerned with studying the universe and space. The study of stars, planets and other kinds of celestial bodies is going to fall under Astronomy. So if you are looking for a book or website that is about space, then you should head on over to the Astronomy section. You can find topics such as our solar system, and heavenly bodies in outer space.

More On Science

Continue on to this section and you will find a lot of technical information about the natural sciences. If you are a scientist or a science researcher, then this section of the library is probably something that you are familiar with. The natural sciences are going to encompass almost every topic that is related to the field and study of everything in the world. Matter, space, time are all under the purview of the natural sciences.

And if you visit any library, then just go to the shelves that are labeled 300 to 399, within those shelves you can find the books on the natural sciences.