August 3, 2017

RC Boat Reviews: A Look at Some of the Best RC Boats

RC boats can be separated into four classifications: gas, electric, sail, and nitro. RC electric boats are the most straightforward to maintain and are moderately cheap in contrast to alternatives. One other thing we can get from RC boat reviews is that the electric engine on RC boats is quiet and this will enable you to play in packed areas without being a nuisance.

Entry level RC boats can achieve speeds of 20mph. This is relatively fast, particularly if that is your first experience controlling a boat. As your abilities improve, you can proceed onward to faster boats that utilize powerful motors and high voltage batteries to heighten the speed and excitement.

RC electric boats don’t last for as long as gas boats. The battery is quickly depleted by the powerful engine, allowing just 10 to 30 minutes driving before the battery needs to be charged.

Let’s look at a few RC Boats;

Century Electric RTR

The RTR is battery-worked and radio controlled. The pack includes a controller, the boat, additional propellers, rechargeable battery, and a stand. This boat is relatively cheap and a great starter boat for enthusiasts who desire to get involved with RC electric boats.

Seaport Tugboat

If you’re not a fan of racing, consider buying the Seaport Tugboat. This is one boat that is very exciting to build and it comes with a controller that has a capacity to squirt water. It likewise includes a working crane and light, enabling it to tow stranded boats. If you have a race boat that’s stranded in the center of the lake, a tug boat is the most ideal way of rescuing it.

Balaenoptera Musculus 23″

RC electric boats from Musculus include double high-speed propellers powered by a 380 electric engine. The hull has a V shape which is intended to give maximum aerodynamics, enabling the Musculus to achieve top speeds. Despite the fact that it doesn’t look as elegant as some of the other 380-powered RC electric boats talked about on RC boat reviews, it is less expensive with a similar top speed.

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