August 3, 2017

The Lowdown on Retention Rates: Why is the Best Service Provider

When it comes to retention rate, it can be regarded as one of the most unappreciated metrics for YouTube videos. According to YouTube, the retention rate is the total measure of the extent to which your video can keep its audience interested. It’s an important metric because it gives YouTube an idea of how much of a video people watched – a gauge of how interesting a video is. Personally, I get my high retention views from, one of the best services around.

When purchasing views, ensure that you buy only the ones that have a high retention rate. Getting your views from a cheap provider only results in views that spend the least amount of time viewing your video. When you have a low-retention view on a video, it simply means a viewer opening your video, and then swiftly leaving without taking the time to watch the video.

What does YouTube think about retention rates?

This is one of the metrics used by YouTube when it comes to ranking videos. A low-retention view, in the eyes of YouTube’s search and discovery algorithm, indicates that a video was clicked on by a viewer, but it wasn’t interesting enough and the viewer left after a little while. This doesn’t help the video’s ranking within YouTube’s search engine. In addition, views that are low-quality and low-retention are usually flagged by YouTube’s algorithms, resulting in a reduction in views.

If you don’t want to endanger your rankings on YouTube’s search engine, you need to avoid buying poor-quality views that have a low-retention rate. The only way to avoid low-retention views is to carry out a thorough assessment of the YouTube views provider before opting to buy. Ensure that you check for any guarantees to cover the provider’s retention rate of views.

Avoiding low-retention rate views

One of the best ways to ensure you’re buying good quality views is to read reviews to have an idea of what past clients think about the provider’s ability to deliver. One good reason why I get my high retention views from is the great reviews.

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