The Funniest Quiz Shows we Can’t Stop Watching

The Funniest Quiz Shows we Can't Stop Watching

If you love a good quiz show, you are probably in the market for a new one. Quiz shows are a lot of fun, and if you have been taking part in quizzes at FridayTrivia, then you may be in the mood to sit back and watch someone else struggle with the humiliation of not being able to answer the difficult questions. Everyone loves a quiz show, and here are some of the funniest quiz shows that you can watch on TV right now.

The Chase

If you are someone that loves competitive quizzes, then you will love the chase. The chase consists of a team of quizzers going up against one of the best quizzers in England to take on several difficult trivia questions. The goal is to finish the game as a team and quiz the chaser to go home with a cash prize. The team has to complete several steps before winning the cash prize, making it all the more exciting.

Tipping Point

When you were a child, you probably went to an arcade and played the penny machines. The penny machines are a fond part of everyone’s childhood, and Tipping Point has taken this love and made it an excellent game show. Contestants have to answer questions to earn counters, which can be put in the machine. The machine works like a classic penny machine, and the goal of the contestants is to knock off coins for money and special coins to win special prizes such as trips away and grand prizes.

Family Feud

Family Feud has been around for some now, and there are versions of it in every country worldwide. This quiz show consists of two families going head to head to guess what the public has answered to a series of questions. The best part about this show is just how competitive people get when they play with their families, you can see the pain in the eyes of contestants when their family members give a bad answer, which makes it hilarious to watch. This show also does several celebrity versions, so you can see one of your favorite celebrities play with their families.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

This is another classic quiz show that is loved throughout the world. If you love quizzes that are challenging and have many difficulties, then you are bound to love Who wants to be a millionaire. They recently changed their host for a popular TV personality known for his witty remarks and controversial opinions. People believe that this has only made the show better, as the host now has a lot of banter with the contestants and offers commentary that the show was previously missing.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

If you are prone to forgetting the song lyrics to songs easily, this show will frustrate and entertain you. This game show consists of people having to sing along to several popular songs of different categories. The lyrics then disappear from the screen, and they have to try and remember what the next lyric is, which is harder than it sounds. You can win a fantastic cash prize if you remember the lyrics to a lot of the world’s most popular songs, and the show is currently looking for contestants, so if you feel as though you have the skill, why not take it on?


This is another show that has been around for some time. Catchphrase consists of showing contestants several different videos that are supposed to represent commonly known catchphrases. They then have to race to be the first one to guess what the catchphrase may be. This show is so fun because of all of the random catchphrases people think of, and a lot of the guesses that contestants make are extremely wrong. If you love to see people have a good time, you are bound to enjoy this quiz show.

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