Global Studies: A Informative Guide To Kenya

Global Studies: A Informative Guide To Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa known for its rich and appealing landscapes, rich culture, and spectacular wildlife. The country is also the hosting nation for the United Nations and its various agencies, such as UNESCO World Heritage. That tells you how important the country is in the world’s eyes.

For those who wish to invest in Africa, the eastern country is currently the leading nation in eastern and central Africa in attracting investors, driven by the government’s initiatives to increase employment through industrialization.

Hence, whether you are a tourist, business person, or just curious about the world, Kenya is one of those countries in Africa worth learning one or two insights. This guide will highlight the most important knowledge you need about Africa’s most dynamic nation from geography, history, culture, and economy. Let’s get started.

Attractive Landscape

Kenya is situated on the eastern coast of Africa. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the southeast, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, and Somalia to the northeast. The most conspicuous landscapes are the second-highest mountain in Africa (Mt. Kenya) and the Great Rift Valley that runs through Kenya from the north to the south. Within it, you will come across other beautiful features such as the steep escarpments, volcanic mountains and lakes, which all host all sorts of wildlife.

Tourism is a favorite activity for millions of people who love to travel across the world for leisure and business. The Eastern African country is home to the greatest and most vast savannas and a number of National Parks. It’s the only country with a national park in the heart of the capital city, which is a few minutes drive from the international airport.

In addition, the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Tsavo parks are the homes for the most admired “Big Five” animals of the jungle, namely the lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceroses. Away from the rich forests and grasslands, you wouldn’t fail to visit the coastline along the Indian Ocean. Here, you will find beautiful white beaches with coral reefs and the famous historical towns of Mombasa and Lamu.

Cultural Heritage

Kenya’s culture is as rich as its vast landscapes, comprising the most ethnic groups you can find in a single country. The country has over 40 different ethnic communities speaking different languages and practicing different cultures, contributing to its rich cultural heritage. However, they are all part and parcel of the national building initiatives, with equality in the distribution of government resources. Hence, you will find the ethnic groups represented in the shortlist of KDF candidates, internal police service, other civil service employment opportunities and the private sector.

In addition, they are all united by the most spoken language in Africa, Swahili, which has enabled the people to live together, trade, and intermarry, among other interactions. The other official language that resonates well with tourists is English.

In addition, Kenya boasts energetic and lively dances and music that blend with traditional rhythms and styles, with each ethnic group having its own traditional dances. You will be amazed by the Maasai jumping dance and competitions, Swahili Taarab in the coastal region, and Afro-pop among the new generations in urban settings.

Economy and Commerce

Kenya has one of the largest and fastest economies in East Africa. The economy is mostly driven by the agriculture sector, which employs a large portion of the population. The key exports from this sector include tea, coffee, horticultural products, and fresh flowers, which contribute the highest to the country’s GDP.

Agriculture is followed closely by tourism, with Kenya’s national parks, wildlife reserves, and coastal areas attracting visitors from around the world. The Maasai Mara wildebeest migration is a wonder of the world and a spectacular wildlife event that draws thousands of tourists from around the globe every year.

As the world develops technologically, Kenya has taken a stand as the “Silicon Savannah” of Africa due to its innovative technology. Nairobi is the hub for technical innovations, where tech farms and institutions showcase their innovativeness. The leading developments are in mobile technology, where young and talented individuals have come up with leading apps for e-commerce.

The country is proud of being the first nation to pioneer a national mobile money service, popularly known as M-Pesa. The mobile phone app offers all types of money-related transactions, including purchasing goods and services and sending and receiving money from other financial institutions.

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